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How to Change a ZCC’s IP Address

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An administrator might want to change the customer or cloud-facing NIC IP address of the ZCC and is unsure how.


To change the ZCC's IP Address on either/both NICs, kindly follow the below steps:

  1. Export the .csv VPG list from the ZVM GUI of the recovery site by clicking the "VPGs" tab and then the Export button.
  2. Log in to the ZVM VM of the recovery site, open the Zerto Diagnostics Tool and select the "Export VPG settings" option.
  3. Unpair the sites from the ZVM UI, under the "Sites tab". This will prompt to keep preseed disks or not as this action will delete all VPGs. Kindly keep them for preseeding later.
  4. Uninstall the ZCC from the ZCM UI.
  5. Install the ZCC again with the new settings from the ZCM UI.
  6. Pair the sites back together via the new ZCC.
  7. Log in to the recovery ZVM VM, open the Zerto Diagnostics Tool and select the "Import VPG settings" option and provide the XML from Step 2.
  8. If importing of the VPG fails, please manually recreate the VPGs with the preseeded volumes, by using the .csv VPG list exported in section 1.
    1. Note: The article How to Preseed Volumes can be reviewed for further information on manual preseeding.