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Error: “ValuesAreNotCorrespondsServiceProfile” When Importing a VPG

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An administrator may come across a failure to import a VPG due to Service Profile settings vs replication settings for a protected VM in the VPG.

Root Cause

The replication settings for the protected VMs being imported are not the same as the service profile for the VPG.


The below error can be seen when importing a VPG:

ValuesAreNotCorrespondsServiceProfile: Below fields RpoInSeconds[ Profile value X , New Value Y ] , Hard Limit Journal Percent[ Profile value X , New Value Y ] are not corresponds service profile definitions


To workaround this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Modify the VPG Export XML file to ensure that the field(s) mentioned in the error message is/are changed to the value same as the ones defined in the service profile.

For example, let's say the error is RpoInSeconds[ Profile value 900, New Value 300 ] and Hard Limit Journal Percent[ Profile value 10, New Value 20 ]:

  1. Locate the VPG in the XML by searching for the VPG name.

  2. Change the value of RpoInSeconds to 900

  3. Change LimitInPercent under VMJournalSettings\HardLimit to 10 and set the values of the remaining fields under VMJournalSettings to 4294967285 (this value will essentially mean to skip the attribute).