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Error: “The Target site doesn’t have permissions to replicate into the source Datastore (datastore_name)” when Creating a VPG

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An administrator may receive an error when trying to create/edit a VPG replicating to a VCD site.

Root Cause

There are two reasons why this error is thrown:

  1. The datastore is not in the ZORG where this VPG is being created.

  2. The Storage Profile is not correctly mapped to include this datastore.


The below error s thrown as part of a create/edit VPG task: 

The Target site doesn't have permissions to replicate into the source Datastore (datastore_name). This permission is required now in order to enable seamless failback. Either move the VM to a masks resource or mask the source Datastore. 'datastore_name' to the target site.


To workaround this issue, perform the steps below:

  1. Ensure the datastore in question has been added to the ZORG where the VPG is being created/edited.

  2. Ensure the datastore is in the Storage Profile being selected for use in this VPG.

  3. Once both are confirmed/adjusted, attempt the operation once more.