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Error: “No valid storage can be found for storage cluster [cluster]” when Creating a VPG and Selecting a Datastore Cluster

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An administrator may notice VPG Creation failures when selecting a Datastore Cluster for Recovery Storage.

Root Cause

There is no individual Datastore in the Datastore Cluster with enough space for all VMs' mirror disks in the VPG. Thus, creation of the VPG fails.


VPG Creation fails immediately with the below error:

No valid storage can be found for storage cluster [cluster]


To workaround this issue, one of the below options can be followed:

  1. Choose a different Cluster, or specific Datastore, that has enough space for all the VMs, or split the VMs into multiple VPGs to further split up the needed storage.

  2. Expand datastore capacity in the Cluster and try again.