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Error: “Is Larger Than The Maximum Size Supported By Datastore” When Creating a VPG

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An administrator, when attempting to create a VPG, may come across an error regarding a VMDK is larger than the maximum size set by the datastore that was chosen as Recovery.

Root Cause

This is a limitation with the underlying filesystem that does not allow disks to be created (Zerto mirrors) on said datastore past a certain size. VCenter reports the failure back to Zerto as such.


When trying to create a VPG or update a VPG where a new VM is added, the following error is seen:

Create/Update protection group. Failed: Failed applying configuration to VM (ID vm-xxxx) Message: File [<datastore name>] <VRA Folder>/06ba5c2c/vmxxxxx/diskname.vmdk is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore '<datastore name>'. Fault: Vim25Api.FileTooLarge.


Administrator should work with their storage team/vendor to determine a resolution from the storage/underlying filesystem side.