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Error: “Failed to start Login Service” When Attempting to Console to VRA

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An administrator may find they cannot access a VRA via SSH, yet ping is responsive and they can utilize the vSphere console to access the machine.

Root Cause

There is a crontab that backs up the passwords, users, and the groups to the /mnt/log/persistence folder on each VRA.

Every boot, the BootProcess script is checking if these files are similar to the files in persistence folder. If they are not, the script restores them.

In some instances, the copy files command copies the files, but not the contents of the files.

This causes the BootProcess script to remove all users/groups and the password files from the system, making it impossible to login to the VRA.


Pings to VRA IP address succeed but SSH into the VRA fails.

Opening a Console via vSphere to the VRA VM will show the below error:

Failed to start Login Service

VPGs utilizing this VRA may show the below alerts:

RPO not meeting SLA.
Connection between local site VRA, {vra_name} (on host {host_name}), and peer site VRA, {vra_name} is down.

Any ongoing syncs will show no movement / ETA of "N/A".


This issue was permanently fixed in 7.0 Update 3. Kindly upgrade to at least this code version to avoid the issue.

If upgrading is not possible and the issue is persisting, kindly engage Zerto Support to assist with a workaround.