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Error: “Cannot Install Cloud Connector” when Attempting a ZCC Install/Redeploy

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An administrator is attempting to either install or redeploy a ZCC from the ZCM. However, an error is thrown that states the ZCC cannot be installed.

Root Cause

Antivirus or malware scan potentially quarantined the necessary OVF file used to deploy ZCCs by the Recovery ZVM. This file, and perhaps the whole directory, could be missing on the Recovery ZVM.


When attempting to install or re-deploy a ZCC (Zerto Cloud Connector), the task fails with error:

Cannot install cloud connector

The ZVM logs will show in the task the following error:

,CommandTaskManager,<EnqueueTaskToThreadPool>b__0,TaskId d48280b0-f823-4129-b1d3-1f05bf4da81f:3abc4240-01da-4882-be25-e5a50dfba1e2 threw exception,"System.IO.FileNotFoundException Zerto.Zvm.Zcc.CloudConnectorTask.CloudConnectorVmDeployer CreateZccDeployer(Int32, Zerto.Zvm.Zcc.ICloudConnector, Zerto.Zvm.Common.VirtualizationManager.VCenter.FolderIdentifier) System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Cannot install cloud connector
File name: '<drive_letter>:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\vra\cloud_con.ovf'

When searching the Recovery ZVM for this OVF file, the file, and perhaps the whole directory, is missing.


To workaround this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Execute the Installer package for the same code version running on Zerto on the Recovery ZVM. This will prompt for a Repair.

  2. Once the Repair is successful, attempt the install/re-deploy once more.

To permanently resolve the issue, whitelist the necessary folders/files as mentioned in the vSphere Administration Guide, section "Accessing the Zerto User Interface".