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How to Assign vCenter Privileges to ZVR-Related Accounts

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This article explains how to add and configure a vCenter account for use by the Zerto Virtual Manager, or for a user that needs access (not necessarily full admin access) to the Zerto Virtual Replication GUI

An administrator must be sure to set the appropriate privileges to the role that will be assigned to the user.


To assign an Administrator role to a vCenter user, follow these steps:

1. In vCenter, right-click on the vCenter node in the left navigation pane, and select "Add Permission".
2. Under "Users and Groups" click on "Add".
3. Select the appropriate domain if necessary, and select the user in question below.
4. Click "Add" and "OK".
5. Under "Assigned Role" select the "Administrator" role.

To modify the existing privileges set to a role for users where full administration is not required/wanted:
1. Select the Home drop down and then select Administration
2. Choose Roles in the left hand tree and then select the role that was created for the users
3. Click the pencil icon to edit the role and scroll all the way down until you see Zerto
4. Check the checkboxes to see the required permissions this role will need (eg; if the users will only need view permissions or if they will need to manage VPGs or if they will need full permissions)
5. If a Role hasn't been created yet click the Plus sign and create the role
6. Scroll all the way down until you see Zerto and set the appropriate privileges