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How to Add Contacts to the Case

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Article describes new feature that allows customers to add additional contacts to the case


This feature allows the customer to add additional users to any case so the added contacts can receive updates from the engineer by email.

  • User must have a valid myZerto account and have access to support.
  • User must have an email address that holds one of the approved domains for your company
  1. Go to the "Manage Cases" page, click on the menu bar and select "Add contact":manage cases
    or enter the "Case" page and click on "Add Contact":
  2. Type an email of the contact to add into the case and click "Verify Contact"
  3.  If the verification is successful the user will appear in the list as follows:successful modal
    (if the verification failed, please check that the user meets the preconditions stated above)
  4. Once user/users had been verified click on "Add Contact(s)"
  5. You can view added users on the "Case" page under "Additional Contacts":
    see added contacts
Please note, once contact has been added to the case it can't be removed (You will need to ask Zerto Support to remove it for you)