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    • Hyper-V
    • One SCVMM server managing 2 DCs/Hyper-V servers

      Hi, I think what I’m about to ask is supported, but I just need to double-check:- I will be building 2 Datacenters, a few miles apart from each other – primary and DR. Primary will have a 2-node Hyper-V cluster, DR will have a single Hyper-V host to begin with. I am planning to deploy […]

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    • June 18, 2024
    • Win 2022 Datacenter Eval Install Fail

      I’m on the demo license. I stood up a Win 2022 VHD in HyperV 2012R2. Joined the domain, patched, account permissions prepped.  This is a separate VM from SCVMM. Ran the Zerto ZVR Installer. Works. SCVMM works. But…. The Zerto Replication Service will not run. Even going into services, it’s not running after a stop/start/restart. […]

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    • December 20, 2023
    • Sizing

      Has anyone nailed down a good method of sizing the required connection for Hyper-V customers?  With vCenter it’s as simple as running a script to collect log data and then pasting that info into an Excel sheet but I haven’t been able to find a nice way of getting this data for anyone using Hyper-V […]

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    • October 23, 2023
    • Replicate Azure VM to Hyper-V

      Hi, we have the use case for multiple customers to upgrade Windows Servers in Azure. As inplace upgrades are not supported we would: Replicate the Azure VM to a local Hyper-V Do the inplace OS upgrade Replicate the Hyper-V machine back (fallback?) to Azure Would zerto support that scenario? Thanks

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    • August 31, 2023
    • ZVM isn't showing the web interface elements

      Hi After installing the Zerto on the dedicated server with operating system Windows Server 2016 Datacenter I can’t manage my Zerto enviroment. After logging in ZVM web interface, the ZVM isn’t showing elements on main page. I see the circle progress bar on the ZVM main page (in various parts of the interface like throughtput, […]

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    • May 16, 2023
    • Can you change where scripts run on HyperV hosts?

      Our AV software is complaining about the PS scripts that run under the service account’s profile in app\local\temp. We would like to exclude these files from scanning, but prefer not to exclude a location as common as app\local\temp. Is it possible to force Zerto to run these scripts in a preset directory? I am assuming that […]

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    • May 7, 2023
    • Post Installation Issue

      I saw a thread from last year regarding a similar issue, but there was never a response to the original poster. I just installed the latest version 8 onto a Server 2019 VM that is connected to SCVMM 2019 that uses all server 2019 hosts.  When I log in to ZVM everything is just spinning. […]

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    • February 27, 2023
    • Static RAM configuraiton?

      When a source VM is VMWare, and the destination VM is Hyper-V, how can I configure Static RAM for the Virtual Machine?  The restored machine takes the RAM allocated to the VMWare VM, and sets it dynamic, with a LARGE “Maximum Memory” overage.  64GB, for example. Not sure if I can attach pictures on this, […]

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    • August 25, 2022
    • scvmm validation

      Hello, Every time I am implementing Zerto on Hyper-V I have issues getting the installation finishsd. During the installation at the validation process Zerto is not able to verify the SCVMM credentials. Sometimes when I try the RECHECK button it will finish and the process is succesfull. Sometimes it cannot validate the credentials and I […]

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    • March 2, 2022
    • P2V Linux RedHat 5.11 to Hyper-V

      We’re needing to migrate 2 RedHat Enterprise Linux Physical Machines to Hyper-V. Can the Zerto Migrate License and software handle this task? We’re not a current Zerto user. I’m having a hard time finding the compatibility and procedure documents. We’d love a tool that could handle the data move and conversion to .vhdx files. Thanks […]

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    • September 15, 2021
    • VRA Hyper-V Failed at 70%

      Hi Guys I get this message when I try to insall a vra on hyper v failed to install vra driver on host [Host b423368f-35db-45bc-8a39-d7b3670a8bfa, server d2977182-1ea5-aec5-9ef1-c0b8579802df]: There are 2 zlogic and 2 zintercept drivers in the registry.

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    • December 3, 2020
    • Microsoft VMM 2019 Support

      Anyone integrate with VMM 2019 yet?  I can’t see it on the support matrix and we had rolled it out right before we bought Zerto.  Did 7.5 add support?  I was told that the SLA states 90 days until supported and VMM 2019 has been out for nearly six months.

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    • August 17, 2020

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