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The elements in ZVR page will not load

  • I am using Firefox, I installed ZVR and while trying to acccess from Mozilla the pages will not load


    Did you ever get this figured out?  I too use Firefox and am not able to login to my ZVR.

    Same issue, Firefox 81.o, ZVM 7.5 u4. Opened support ticket.

    1. Launch Firefox
    2. In the address bar, goto: about:config
    3. Search for: mime
    4. The first option, security.block_Worker_with_wrong_mime
      1. Set it to false
      2. Reload the ZVM url

    Been having the same problem for the last couple weeks, not sure if it started after a FF update or after our update to Zerto v8.

    Setting security.block_Worker_with_wrong_mime to false worked for me, thanks Jon!

    Same here, thanks for posting this.

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