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SCVMM 2022 and Widows Server 2022 support

  • Looking for any information on when support for either or both of these will be released?

    Server 2022 was released 2021-08-18 (9 Months ago).

    Thanks for any status.

    Hello David,

    We are qualifying Server 2022 as well as SCVMM 2022 for our Fall release (10.0). However, if we are able to get everything tested and verified before then, it may hit an update release too. Shoot me an email at justin.paul@hpe.com

    I was able to download a  Win 2022 based VHD of SCVMM here:


    It runs on Hyper-V 2012 r2. It has good documentation. I was able to join my domain, update/patch, install, attach to the Hyper-V hosting the VM, and the Zerto setup in another VM was able to communicate with it.

    It hosts it’s own SQL Server (Full, express won’t work). It’s a chunky 40 gig VM after updates. I used 4 gig of ram.

    Hi Justin,

    Still not seeing any support for SCVMM 2022 and have customers that really want to use it and Zerto is holding them back. Is there any update on when it might be supported?

    Thanks, Eoin

    What are the timeline for support for Windows Server 2022

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