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Static RAM configuraiton?

  • When a source VM is VMWare, and the destination VM is Hyper-V, how can I configure Static RAM for the Virtual Machine?  The restored machine takes the RAM allocated to the VMWare VM, and sets it dynamic, with a LARGE “Maximum Memory” overage.  64GB, for example.

    Not sure if I can attach pictures on this, but here is the “broken” configuration – https://imgur.com/a/Z1oqIO3

    We would like to set it fully STATIC, like this:  https://imgur.com/a/sG8Z5dU

    Is this possible to set as STATIC on restore?

    From support:

    For now, we do not support the allocation of static memory when replicating to hyper-v from another platform. The memory will be allocated dynamically.

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