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One SCVMM server managing 2 DCs/Hyper-V servers

  • Hi, I think what I’m about to ask is supported, but I just need to double-check:-

    I will be building 2 Datacenters, a few miles apart from each other – primary and DR. Primary will have a 2-node Hyper-V cluster, DR will have a single Hyper-V host to begin with. I am planning to deploy a single SCVMM server at the DR site to manage all 3 Hyper-V hosts and I want Zerto to protect/replicate VMs from primary to DR, I want to deploy ZVR in the DR DC only.  Can I configure a single Site in Zerto, check the “replicate to self” option and it will achieve my goal? Or do I need SCVMM and ZVR servers in both DCs and pair them?

    Regards, George.

    Hi, just wondering if anyone out there can assist?

    Hi George,

    What you propose should work especially with “enable replication to self” enabled. Best practice always is to have 2 distinct SCVMMs (1 Prod, 1 DR) for redundancy but if you only can have one, then putting the SCVMM and ZVM at the DR site should be the next best thing you can do (provided you have a plan in case that site goes down).

    While this should work, there are operational considerations and challenges that you’ll want to make sure you understand and practice ahead of time. One example is that in this scenario, when you perform a live failover or a move operation, the hypervisor manager will add a “(1)” to the recovered resource since the name will be duplicate in the inventory with the original. Nothing can be done at the time of the operation, but you can clean it up later.

    Things like that will be important to know so you can plan for it, so I recommend you reach out to your local, friendly Zerto SE to have a conversation to make sure you have all your bases covered.


    Hi Michael, thanks very much. I understand best practice is to have an SCVMM server and ZVM server in each site, but this customer is trying to save on costs. It sounds like I can get this working though, which is good to know, thanks.

    Hi Michael, I am in Sydney Australia. We don’t seem to have any local Zerto SE’s here (friendly or otherwise :))

    Could you please get an SE to call or email me?

    Phone:- +61424957728

    email:- george.parker@brennanit.com.au


    Many thanks.

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