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ZVM in-place OS Upgrade

  • I’ve seen postings regarding upgrading SQL server OS in-place but haven’t come across any in-place OS upgrade recommendations for the ZVMs themselves. I have a few running on 2012R2 that I’d like to upgrade to 2019 so lifecycle deadlines don’t catch us off guard.

    We are already running version 8.5 Update 2 on the ZVMs that need to be upgraded to Windows Server 2019.

    Do I just disable Zerto services, shut down and snapshot the ZVM, back up the database, and proceed with the in-place upgrade and re-enable services once complete?

    Thanks in advance!


    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    We don’t have any documents for in place upgrade for the Windows server as it’s not handled by Zerto. However, what we have is for migrating from windows 2012 – 2016 as of now.

    Migrating settings and VPGs from one ZVM to another

    But If you know in-place upgrade for the Windows server is doable without affecting Zerto replication. You may certainly go ahead and do so.

    Best regards,

    Hello Robert

    Please see below as well:

    Upgrading guest OS of the ZVM VM machine

    Thanks, Alex for the most related KB. So, Douglas, you may follow the above KB as well. If any issue arises while doing so then I would suggest opening a support ticket.

    Best regards,

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