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Wrost version ever

  • Upgrading to Version 10 (Container based) has been the most disappointing major update I’ve experienced in over 25 years.
    This version has significantly regressed Zerto’s stability and reliability, setting it back by a decade.
    After using Zerto since Version 5, we have now reached a point where we can no longer trust the product.

    The whole thing went downhill since HPE acquired them. I used to do upgrades with simple next next next during the day, now every single upgrade fails for one reason or another, and it’s an outage. Currently stuck trying to migrate to Linux ZCA in Azure….documentation blows and when I finally got it going, it errors out, and Zerto support is so far useless. I used to be able to submit a ticket and first response had the answer….now it’s terrible.

    They have suffered from too much “tools” running on the ZVM  (Log collector, tweaks applier, database changer).

    But I doubt if the move to a container-based solution, to be distributed to the customers as an appliance, was the right one.

    You don’t use k3s for that.  K3s is for cloud-native apps. I think Zerto\HPE made a bad decision here.

    Low code in Java would do the work much better , running in JVM over Debian.

    It’s quite a surprise for such a “conservative” company like HPE to embrace such major technology update.



    agree, very disappointed in Zerto right now, a product I fought hard to replace SRM, and since HPE took over, it’s being going downhill to be unreliable.

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