vCenter Server and Zerto Virtual Manager

  • We plan to hot storage-vmotion our vCenter Server at our Protected Site to another ESXi cluster within the same site.  Please confirm whether or not this will cause any issues with Zerto and if so, how to resolve the issue/s.


    In case your scenario is to vMotion all the protected VMs from one ESXi cluster to another ESXi cluster, that wouldnt affect Zerto only if the ESXi Hosts within the new cluster have VRAs installed on, and those host exposed to the Datastores.

    In case your scenario is Storage-vMotion all the protected VM disks, just make sure the new datastore location is exposed to the VRAs.

    In case your scenario is to Migrate all the VMs to a different vCenter server, you will need Zerto installed on that vCenter, and that may require recreating the VPGs or importing the settings after you edited them with the new “SiteGuid”. If that is indeed your scenario, you might want to follow this KB :


    What I will storage-vMotion (as opposed to vMotion) to another ESXi cluster (but within the same vCenter Server instance) is the Zerto Virtual Manager (not the protected VMs).

    Hello Irene,

    The confusion lies in Storage vMotion is for moving files between datastores or datastore clusters, not between hosts or host clusters, which is what regular vMotion is for. Are you sure you will be Storage vMotioning anything?

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