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Problem with my current Zerto server

  • I have a problem with my current Zerto server and I need to create a new one. I have two VRAs running on my VMWare servers. Can I just install a new Zerto server and point it to the VRAs and all my VPGs will continue to be syncronized by this new Zerto server?

    Hello Nelio,

    Contara from Zerto Support.

    If you’re planning to move old ZVM to a new ZVM server please follow below KB.


    Note: As long the new ZVM server is on the same old ZVM vCenter.  If not on the original vCenter, we do have a different KB.

    As this procedure includes uninstalling Zerto Virtual Replication and exporting the system settings, it is recommended to contact Zerto Support for any questions or misunderstandings prior to beginning this procedure.

    Thank you.

    Thank you!!!

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