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hyper-v to vmware conversions not booting

  • seems that boot device/order is lost for both windows and linux VM when attempting to move them from hyper-v to vmware.  anyone seen this or could point me to any documentation about troubleshooting this?

    Hi Chris,

    I have brought this issue up with the product and engineering team internally.  I will respond here as soon as I get a response back from them.

    In the meantime, please open a ticket with support if this issue is affecting your business’ SLAs.

    Thank you and stay tuned!


    Hi Chris,

    Certain boot types require that the connection order (scsi 0:1, 0:2 , etc) be maintained for the boot order to remain in tact.

    You can try manually changing the order or the disks on the vm.  I believe this issue is currently under review with support.

    Thank you,

    Hi Ryan, is this now resolved in the latest version of Zerto Virtual Replication?

    Hi Bruce,

    I am checking if this issue has been resolved with support.  I do believe we had a similar case and the customer was able to resolve the issue by modifying the VMX file on the failed over VM in the manners specified in this kb article:


    I hope this helps! 

    I may be coming to this party a little late, but we’re seeing this same issue when going from Hyper-V to Vmware, is there a document somewhere which dictates the supported Hypervisor versions and Zerto versions? Our environment is using Zerto 5.5U3 and the Hyper-V environment is 2012 R2 and the ESX version being failed over to is 6.5. When was it fixed in Zerto?

    It seems i am having a similar issue. just updated to zerto 5.5UR4 and have Hyper-v 2016 and Vmware 6.0. I hope i don’t have to purchase an additional machine or do nested virtualization to actually make this work.

    We are also facing issues with Hyper-V migrated machines to VMware not booting. In-fact, they blue screen pre-boot and all are on Windows Server 2008 R2..

    Oh this thread is going on for quite some time. I have also opened the case for zerto. Does anyone know if this is resolved?

    Thanks for opening cases and letting us know of the issues in Hyper-V to VMware conversions. We are constantly working on improving the handling of cross-hypervisor conversions

    It looks like some of you had issues with Hyper-V Gen 1 IDE to VMware.  There is a KB article that tells how to change the registry.  https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/vm-enters-system-recovery-during-fo-from-hv-to-vc/  We are investigating a warning for this case to better raise this incompatibility to customers.

    Please continue to open cases when cross-hypervisor conversions have issues.

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