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VM enters “System Recovery” during FO from HV to vC

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Root Cause

When VM's with IDE disks are recovered to a vCenter environment, the bus type is changed from IDE to Scsi. This requires that the LSI_SAS driver in Windows be activated at boot time, which is not normally the case.


When performing any recovery operation from a Hyper-V environment to a vCenter environment, VM's running Windows Server 2008/2008R2 with IDE disks on the Hyper-V side will fail to boot correctly.


To resolve this, it will be necessary to change the start type for the LSI_SAS driver in Windows on the protected (Hyper-V) site.

  • Open Regedit, navigate to HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetservicesLSI_SAS
  • Change the item named 'Start' to a value of 0x0
  • User-added image
  • After adjusting the 'start' item, perform force sync on the relevant VPG