ZVR update to v6.5 U4

  • I updated our Zerto Virtual Manager from version 6.5 Update 3 Patch 1 to version 6.5 Update 4 today. The update completed without errors. However, I noticed that the “VRA Version” column on ZVM GUI still shows “Latest” as its status (i.e. not “Outdated”). I already refreshed the browser and even rebooted our updated ZVM. Please confirm whether or not this is to be expected (i.e. no VRA upgrade is needed). If VRA upgrade is needed, let me know how.



    Did you choose to upgrade the VRAs automatically in the upgrade wizard? If so, the VRAs should’ve been upgraded to 6.5 u4. If not, and if you’re not able to upgrade the VRAs in the ZVM GUI manually, please open a support ticket to us and we can check the ZVM database for the exact version of the VRAs.

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