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Zerto with NSX-T and N-VDS Switches

  • Posted on behalf of Håvard E:

    A quick question regarding Zerto, VMware NSX-T and N-VDS switches;

    We are today using NSX-V with Zerto, but we are now in the middle of a project with a migration over to NSX-T and N-VDS switches. (NSX Virtual Distributed Switch)
    We cannot find any related documents which describes whether Zerto does support NSX-T and N-VDS or not.
    What is the official statement regarding this?

    Hi Havard,

    Network architecture leveraging NSX-T shouldn’t be an issue, as long as you are running Zerto 6.5u2 or higher, and follow our Anti-NAT policy and port forwarding schematics.

    Hope this helps

    Bar A,

    After looking at the most recent revision of the ZVM admin guide (link) I do not see any information regarding NSX-T or N-VDS support. Even though you say it “shouldn’t be an issue” is there some formal documentation regarding this? Before I roll out N-VDS switching in my data center I would like to be absolutely sure this will not have any negative impact to Zerto replication.


    Hello Mike,

    Sorry for not referencing the document,

    Feel free to review our Matrix for compatibility queries:

    You can see on page 12 vSphere features.


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