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Zerto upgrade question

  • we are currently on 7.5 and will be upgrading to 8.5 (possibly 9.0). Should we do this incrementally, meaning upgrade to 8.0 then 8.5, or just go straight the latest version?

    You must go 1 step at a time to upgrade.  Make sure to export your VPG settings each level up.  Many times the upgrade of the ZVRA fails, and you have to delete the VPG’s, keeping the target disk in place, then the un-upgraded ZVRA will need to be uninstalled, then reinstalled using the same IP as what was removed.  Then you can import the VPG settings and it will build them back to do a delta sync correctly.

    I’d hold off upgrading to 9.0 at this time. Multiple issues- throttling, VRA resources, failing LTR, VRA connections, etc. We’ve experienced each of these issues since upgrading to 9.0U1. Zerto Support response: we need to balance our VPG loads better…..this was never an issue with 8.5

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