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Zerto Upgrade and vCenter compatibility

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    2 step question:

    1) Zerto is asking to upgrade to 7.0 Patch 2, is there any downtime expected in the process? Do you recommend to jump to 7.5 or do a progressive upgrade?

    2) Planning to upgrade ESX environment to 6.7 u3, any concerns on Zerto compatibility?

    Hello Alfredo,

    Mike from Zerto here. The only downtime you would see is due to the Zerto services being stopped and restarted during the upgrade process, but that should not be for very long. Upgrading to over more than one version up is not supported, so a progressive upgrade is recommended. Please see our Upgrade Best Practices for further details:


    You will need to be on either Zerto 7.0U2 or 7.5 for ESXi 6.7U3 to be supported. Please see page 8 of the Interoperability Matrix:


    Thank you!

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