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Zerto RHEL 8.0

  • The Operability Matrix doesn’t list RHEL 8.0, can we use it for Re-IP?

    Unfortunately, while we are always working to improve and expand Zerto’s capabilities, we do not currently have re-IP available for RHEL 8.0. You can still replicate RHEL 8.0 without re-IP, however.

    Zerto Interoperability Matrix – http://s3.amazonaws.com/zertodownload_docs/Latest/Zerto%20Virtual%20Replication%20Operability%20Matrix.pdf

    Is RHEL 8.x with re-IP on the roadmap?  Is this something we can expect in the near future?

    Hi Kelvin,

    I have reached out to our product team with your question.

    They inform me that RHEL 8.x with re-ip support is planned for version 8 of Zerto.

    However, this is still subject to change depending on the results of testing and validation.



    The link is not working anymore.




    Here’s an up-to-date link to our interoperability matrix:


    On page 9, you’ll find RHEL 8.x can be used for Re-IP when ZVM 9.5+ is used.



    In the docs you linked it says;
    “In Zerto 9.0 and earlier: to use Re-IP, uninstall any default guest services packages from your Linux VM (such as open-vm-tools-desktop, open-vm-tools, libvmtools). Re-IP can only be used with the official VMWare Tools provided by VMWare.”

    Does this mean in Zerto 9.5 and later we can use open-vm-tools?

    Joshua, that is correct. From Zerto 9.5 and later you can use open-vm-tools for Re-IP.

    That is great to hear, good work on fixing that issue, and thank you for the quick reply.

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