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Windows 7 – can it be protected

  • Posted on behalf of Shrilaxmi Ojha

    Is windows 7 protection allowed on Zerto?

    Hello Shrilaxmi,

    Mike from Zerto here. Windows 7 VMs can be protected by Zerto, but automatic Re-IP on a Failover/Move for Windows 7 VMs is not support.

    GlobalR2COps S

    Even if the windows 7 has vmware tools installed it does not work?

    -Per the Interoperability Matrix, there are no currently supported versions Zerto which support re-IP for Windows 7 in VMWare. Replication to Azure does support re-IP for Windows 7.
    -You are able to manually change the IP at the target location after failover.

    Zerto Interoperability Matrix – http://s3.amazonaws.com/zertodownload_docs/Latest/Zerto%20Virtual%20Replication%20Operability%20Matrix.pdf

    Does this help?

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