We would like to upgrade to the latest version

  • We would like to upgrade to the latest version.

    If you can walk us through to upgrade our current version is 5.5.

    Hey there!

    Please see the document Upgrading Zerto Virtual Replication for specific information on upgrading your installation of Zerto. The article ZVM Upgrade Best Practices can also provide some insight for you. I have added some general details from them for you below.

    Zerto recommends upgrading to the latest version of Zerto that supports the environment you are using. See the Zerto Interoperability Matrix for the list of environments supported by this version of Zerto.
    • The order you upgrade the sites, protected or recovery, is not relevant as long as paired sites remain only one version apart, that is, only one version higher or lower.
    • You may only upgrade one major release at a time, meaning you can go from 5.5 to 6.0, but not directly to 6.5 or 7.0 as an in place upgrade.
    • If you would like to go directly from 5.5 to a version after 6.0, you may uninstall the old version of Zerto Virtual Replication and install the new version. Please be sure to use the Zerto Diagnostics utility’s export option to export the existing VPG definitions before uninstalling.
    • When upgrading from versions prior to Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0U2, changing the Journal Size Hard Limit requires restarting the VRAs.

    The following two notes apply if you are using Zerto’s Offsite Backup functionality in addition to VM Replication. This feature was replaced by Long Term Recovery.

    • During an upgrade from v6.0x to v6.5, all back up and repositories configurations are deleted.
    • During an upgrade from v6.5 to v7.0, Repositories that were created in 6.5 and all the retentions sets they contain, will be available for Restores only.


    I hope this information helps!

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