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wan optimizer

  • Question: when we move to Azure cloud do people still use WAN optimizer like reverbed etc? Do you recommend to or not to use WAN optimizer?


    Contara from Zerto Support.

    When configuring a VPG in a site with an enterprise license, administrators will note that the Create/Edit VPG replication tab contains a “WAN Compression” option, which is enabled by default.
    WAN Compression means that data transferred between sites is compressed by the VRAs protecting source applications.
    An administrator may wish to know whether this functionality is necessary or should be disabled, when WAN Optimizers, such as those supplied by Riverbed Technologies, Silver Peak, and others, are in use between Source and Recovery sites.

    When WAN compression is enabled, the compressed data is written in a compressed format to the recovery site journal.

    Even if WAN compression is selected, Zerto decreases the level of compression if it takes too
    many resources. The VRA automatically adjusts the compression level according to CPU usage,
    including totally disabling it if needed. Zerto recommends enabling WAN compression.

    See 121


    Thank you.

    1. whether removing riverbed from our environment would be detrimental to their replication (on prem)
    2. how it might relate in Azure as well
    3. if there is a specific wan optimizer they prefer, in that case

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