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VRA orphaned – how to remove then re-add again

  • Hello,

    I ran into a problem with an ESXi host i was upgrading where i had to rebuild from scratch and then it lost it’s settings and the VRA that was attached to it, now it just displays as ‘orphaned’.  From the protective side of Zerto, the VRA is gone now.

    How do I go about in removing the orphaned VRA in vsphere where then I can run through and just create the VRA for the host again?



    Iris from Zerto here.

    Please try to uninstall the VRA with issue in ZVM GUI – setup tab. If it doesn’t work, please open a support ticket about it to require support assistance.

    Best regards,

    Zerto Support

    Hi Iris Z,

    That is a problem as well as there is no VRA anymore in the Zerto manager page, it just disappeared after the host got rebuilt.

    I will open a case with Zerto

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