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Version 5.0 and 6.0 downloads

  • We need to upgrade our Zerto version to latest but am unable to locate older versions to do so. We are currently on version 5.0U4 and running on vcenter version 6.50U1g


    You can find Zerto 5.5 here:

    You can find Zerto 6.0 here:

    Do note that the links will be expired in the following 5 days


    Thanks Bar A.

    I’ve manage to download the Zerto 5.5 but the Zerto 6.0 download seems to not be complete. The Zerto .exe installation files are 0 kbs files? Are you able to upload them again please.

    Hello Wayne,

    Elad from Zerto here.

    I’ve uploaded to the same links a zip file that should be suitable.

    Where I’m at 5.0 –> 5.5 –> 6.0 –> 6.5 –> 7.0 –> 7.5  and where I need to go.

    I need the installers for the ones in bold.  Any help would be appreciated

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