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Using Zerto to migrate a large VM

  • We have a large VM that will need to be powered down to VMotion. However I want to use Zerto to replicate the VM then once powered down I want to initiate a failover to then bring it up on the new storage in the new cluster. I wanted to check with Zerto on that procedure and any “gotchas” I should be on the lookout for.



    Hello Michael,

    Mike from Zerto here.

    • How large is the VM in question?
    • Is the new cluster/storage on the same vCenter as the current host/storage?


    Approximately 2 TB of storage

    The new cluster/storage are in the same vCenter.

    The VPG is up and has begun replicating.

    Another Mike…:P

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for the information. There are not any real gotchas, as 2TB is well within our size limitations. If you do run into any issues, please open a case with Zerto Support for investigation.

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