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Using "the other" Hypervisor

  • When setting up a Hyper-V environment as a recovery target, are there any specific Microsoft configuration items that  should be considered to make things go smooth? If someone has a success story in this area, did you have to do any special design of the Hyper-V cluster to let Zerto do its magic?

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    Mike I’ll let others chime in but there are a few hard and fast requirements to get started:

    1. MS SCVMM 2012R2 managing hosts that are all…
    2. Hyper-V 2012R2 (not 2012, not 2008) and…
    3. MS H-V Update Rollup 6 is not currently supported, stick with UR5 for now (MS H-V updates supported within 90 days of release as with vSphere patches, so it’s planned for this month)
    4. Admin access (just like vSphere)
    5. No NAT between Zerto components (just like vSphere)
    6. A Windows VM to install the Hyper-V ZVM on (just like vSphere… but with its own Hyper-V installer)



    Which versions of SCVMM are currently supported with ZVR Update 3? I’m trying to setup a PoC at a customer place and I’m having issues with the SCVMM versions.

    We’ve got a document “Zerto Virtual Replication Operability Matrix” which addresses that and some other planning considerations, attached.

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