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upgrade path

  • we are currently running version 6.0 update 3 and would like to know the upgrade path we can take to get to the latest version of zerto.
    There is the following in our env
    -cloud connector
    -zvm instance
    We have 1 external client at the same level.
    I understand that between our two sites we can only be 1 version above or below each other without causing issues.
    but would also like to know the process/procedure/order for this work.


    Aaron S from Zerto here. Ideally you will want to start with your ZCM first and upgrade that.  Then bring up your ZVMs to the same version.  If your ZVMs are already below the version of the ZCM then bring them up to the same level.

    I am including two links below.  One is upgrade documentation for the version of Zerto you are running and the other is our KB on upgrade best practices:


    ZVM Upgrade Best Practices

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