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Updating to Version 10

  • I currently have a 9.7 U3 environment, and I am starting to look into what it would take to update to 10.x in the future.  I have seen some conflicting information about the upgrade, specifically around versions.  I just watched a YouTube video that says that if I have a 9.7 U3 environment, then I should deploy a 9.7 U3 Linux appliance, but there isn’t a migration utility that I am aware of for this.  I also downloaded a PDF today that says that if I have a 9.7 U3 environment I should deploy the latest 10.x Linux appliance and then use the migration utility.  So what’s the process that I need to follow?

    Care to share any documentation you have on this? I’m either stupid or didn’t look close enough at this yet. In the past it was just an easy upgrade in place, this seems to be much more involved.

    Dmitri, I am currently running a Windows ZVM and version 10 only offers an OVA Linux appliance.  So there is no upgrade path.  You will have to deploy the new appliance, and then run the migration utility to transfer ownership of the VRA’s and VPG’s to the new appliance.  Then you can decom the Windows ZVM.  As for documentation, there is a bunch under the Technical Documents & Knowledge section (top right of this page).  Lot’s of changes, so I would encourage you to start looking.  No more Hyper-V, KeyCloak will be used for authentication.  You may want to reach out to your Sales Rep and schedule a meeting.

    Thanks Mike. I kind of guessed the process for the OVA deployment, but I am a bit confused on the Azure part, since the rep told me it’s something that will be available from Microsoft store….not sure how we migrate existing 9.7 to a new Microsoft Store V10 version. Perhaps more info will come out once that becomes available, right now it’s all a bit complex sounding.

    I will drop this here, hopefully someone finds it in the future when going through the update. Was on support and down for a while because I didn’t see this article:



    Make sure you run those commands before you upgrade to ZCA 9.7U3P1….it’s a special release to move to 10. After you are on 9.7U3P1 you can run the upgrade to 10 without any issues, both for ZCA and the migration utility to the new linux appliance.

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