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storage vmotion support of a protected disk

  • is it possible to perform a storage vmotion of a protected disk from one datastore to another or will that break the replication of that disk?

    Hello, Atir from Zerto here.

    You can change DS without affecting replication, note that during this task you will not be able to perform other tasks on that VPG until the DS change is finished.

    Edit VPG -> click storage tab -> (in the drop down field) change the relevant datastore in the recovery datastore field -> done -> Accept the warning

    The VPG will go into an update state and in the background move the VMDKs from the original datastore to the new datastore.

    Thank you

    Ok that sounds like a change on the target side. I am referring to a storage vmotion of the vmkd on the protected side. Is that supported or does that break replication because Zerto is expecting the vmdk in its current location? Or does it simply detect the move and automatically pick it up?

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