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SQL Express Update

  • Hello,
    We are running Zerto v6 update 3, which includes SQL 2014 Express.
    Our security requirements are mandating that we patch the SQL instance with 2014 Express SP2.
    Is it possible/supportable to patch the SQL server without upgrading the Zerto version? We will be updating Zerto down the road, but the security requirements for SQL are on a much more aggressive timeline. if we could patch SQL now without breaking/jeopardizing the Zerto update at a future date that would be ideal.

    Please advise.
    Thank you.


    Are you referring to a VM SQL that Zerto is replicating or the Zerto DB is on an external DB (SQL 2014 Express)?

    Please refer to External SQL Server Databases – Support Matrix page 35:



    Following up on this- Would updating Zerto even address the aforementioned SQL Express Security problem? (i.e.  SQL 2014 Express requires SP2 patch).

    I have reviewed the release notes for v.70 – 7.0 U2, but cannot find any reference to SQL version or SQL upgrades.

    SQL server 2014 Service Pack 2 is supported as Zerto’s external database.

    It should have no effect at all on the ability to house the zvm database, but probably hasn’t been officially QA’ed


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