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  • So we are spinning up two new vCenters and so I will need to create two new ZVMs. I should be able to configure the existing ones to replicate to the new ones correct?

    The plan is as we migrate existing ESXi VMware hosts from the old to the new I will do an export and then selective import (we are doing it a few at a time) to the Hosts in the new vCenter. The data stores will not change.

    The other questions I have is about the ability to restore and Journal history.

    Once I export and then import the VPG will not have access to the previous journal checkpoints correct? If the migration fails and the VM becomes unusable I can still do an import into the previous vCenter using the latest Zerto backup, aka nightly config backup, correct?

    Yeah it’s a lot of information above.



    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    If you set up both new ZVMs first and then you can configure the existing one to replicate to the new ZVM. But how about the recovery datastore, Are you planning to keep the same recovery datastore to the new dr ZVM?

    Export and Import will work only If you’re retaining the old vC database and migrating to the new vC. If not then you might have to manually preseed the recovery disk.

    Once you delete the VPG then you won’t have access to the previous journal but the journal will be created newly once you restore it.

    You would either need to elaborate better or open a support ticket just to get better insights over the phone.

    Best regards,

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