Service Provider Issue

  • hey guys

    we are service providers for Zerto and we are in latin america where bandwidth is very expensive

    our infrastructure is as follows we have 7 datacenters located in different countries so our customer use our Zerto Service to replica their business from one country to another….. so

    we have multiples customer replicating from Country A to Country B,  and according to Zerto Calculator one customer has 5 VMs and needs 20MB to transfer their replicas, the other customer has 15VM and needs 40MB,  and the last customer needs 80MB since has 30 VMs…..

    the problem is

    but I cannot assign the bandwidth they need to replica to other service providers how do you assign or guarantee you let customer only use the bandwidth they bought when the replication was setup

    for example right now 1 VM from customer A, is consuming all the bandwith which  is 140MB and for this customer/VM the bandwithd limit should be 20MB

    any idea how to fix this this of issue

    thanks a lot Harry,  but like i was talking to Zerto Support,

    we provide IaaS and DraaS for all the VMs I am talking I am not taking about customer premises  to our ZVM instances replication

    so all these VMs are in vCenter instance not on customer premises….of course if the case were ZVM on premises I set the bandwidth limit by hand

    so any idea how other Service provider replicating between their own datacenter manages that?

    or all you service providers just open a 1 ó 2 GB link between datacenters and send all VMs and charge your customer a fixed fee


    Hi Carlos,

    I get what you’re saying now; thank you for the clarification.

    I’m not positive exactly what the majority of providers are doing, but I can ask around. I would assume they’ve built this into their price if they don’t want to set limits.

    I will look into our billing and reporting to see if these reports already include customer bandwidth usage statistics. If that’s the case, you could charge the customer based on what they’re using in that sense, too.



    Follow me:

    mmm interesting it would be great that zerto reports could give bandwidth usage per VMs so I sum up all bandwidth for a customer and charge them accordingly

    please let me know If I can get that from stats in your analytics portal because we ate having some issues and can not really justify how to request a customer to pay for more so we get more money and of course we guarantee the lowest RPOs to our customer

    if you can also see how other service providers do that would be grear

    Harry, hi again

    were you able to find out something? I see someone else had this same issue basically assign bandwidth per customer or groups of VMs since he was able to do it using Agent Based Replication

    Can VRA have a multiple vNICs ?


    thanks a lot

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