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Can VRA have a multiple vNICs ?

  • Hi all

    I have trouble configuring ZVR for the customer.

    In the attachment you can see the current configuration diagram and the problem in configuring ZVR.

    I would like to find a way to solve this configuration.

    Help me !!!

    Thank you.

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    Hi Harry.

    I already uploaded attachment but it was invisible.

    I also checked other posts in the Forum, but I can not see the attachments in the same way.

    How can I upload the attachments ?

    Thank you



    I like Virtualization, Zerto, Cloud

    Dropbox download link :


    I like Virtualization, Zerto, Cloud

    You should see an option at the bottom of the reply box to “attach file.” Either way, I was able to see your diagram from the Dropbox link, so thank you.

    It seems as though you’re looking to configure this customer much in the way a cloud provider would (or you are perhaps a cloud provider). Either way, I will look through our cloud documentation and see what diagrams and explanations I can point you to. I believe everything is already laid out in those available from the “Technical Documentation” tab above.

    You may be interested in/need to deploy Zerto Cloud Connectors (ZCC) to point each customer to, but that would mean additional deployment architecture changes versus what you may already have deployed.

    Check out those docs. I will as well and will post back as soon as possible.



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    Hi YoungChul,

    Have you had a chance to check out the documentation and get the information you were looking for? Under the technical documentation tab above, go to “Zerto Cloud Manager Online Help,” then look under “Installation > Firewall Ports used with Zerto Virtual Replication > Zerto Virtual Replication DRaaS Architecture.”

    Let me know if this help.



    Follow me: www.twitter.com/HarrySiii

    Thank you Harry.

    I like Virtualization, Zerto, Cloud

    hi YoungChul


    we are facing the same issue, were you able to fix it? we are service providers that provides IaaS and DraaS for a lot for of customer and we have some issues since we are not able to limit the bandwidth they bought or they required so some VMs take advantage and affect RPO for other VMs



    Thanks for the info

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