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Scratch Disk Usage

  • We’re in the middle of testing a handful of VPGs and I wanted to monitor scratch disk usage. Is there a way to locate that information? We’re on 7.0 U1/U2 and vCenter/ESXi 6.7.0. Thanks!

    Hello Lauren,

    Mike from Zerto here. The scratch volume gets created in the Zerto Volumes folder on the same datastore the VPG’s journal is stored on. The file name will have the word scratch in it instead of history.

    Hi Mike! Thanks for the reply. I see the files that include the name scratch, but haven’t been able to find a way to correspond the vm-##### identifier with which VM i’m looking for. I ran the VPG, VM, VDISK, VNIC & Re-IP Settings Report from the API Whitepaper and it looks like the vm-###### identifiers aren’t the same.

    Is there a way to tell which VMs I’m looking at in the datastore?

    Hello Lauren,

    The vm-#### is the MoRef ID of the VM on the protected site. If you are using the vSphere Web Client on the protected site, if you click on a VM in the Web Client, the URL will contain the MoRef ID of the VM.

    Gotcha! It looks like one of the VMs I was looking for has an extra digit in the ID that’s not in the journal filename and that’s where I was getting tripped up. Thanks for your help!

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