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Running a post test script

  • Hi

    I am a little new to Zerto scripting but am looking at a script that will run after a failover test has run

    I need the script to stop the failover test after 20 hours of testing

    anyone point me at some documentation that would assist me or has anyone done this before



    Hey John,

    There are 2 ways you can do this. Using the REST API or Zerto PowerShell CMDlets. If you are just starting out then I think the PS CMDlets are going to be the easiest route. You can download them with supporting documentation from MyZerto>Support>Downloads and you need the following:

    $cp_list = Get-CheckPoints 9080 -Username administrator -Password password -VirtualProtectionGroup “Billing”

    $last_cp = $cp_list[$cp_list.Count-1]

    Start-FailoverTest 9080 -Username administrator -Password password -VirtualProtectionGroup “Billing” -CheckpointDateTime $last_cp

    Stop-FailoverTest 9080 -Username administrator -Password password -VirtualProtectionGroup “Billing”

    Any further questions let me know. Thanks,




    I am looking for the same kind of option, I need to stop after few hours or Failover completes successfully.

    Is there any Powershell cmdlets to check the status of Identity of start-failovertest?

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