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Replication for Multiple Site

  • I am posting this on behalf of Sultan.A

    We have two sites:

    Head Office and DR Site

    We will have another Site.

    Currently, we have replication from Head Office to DR Site

    We are upgrading our version of Zerto.

    We will have another site and we will replicate it from Head Office to the new site.

    Replication will be as follows:

    Head Office —->DR Site
    Head Office —–>New Site

    If we failover to New Site then what happens to the replication
    Head Office —>DR Site.

    We will go live on New Site and at that moment what happens to the replication from Head Office to DR Site?


    Hello, if I’m hearing this correctly…Head Office will replicate to both sites at the same time using the one-too-many license feature.  If you fail over Head Office to New Site, Head Office -> DR site should still be replicating in the background.  Replication should stay intact unless Head Office is down.


    In your situation, the replication from Head office (Production site) to the DR site will be broken, because when failing over to the NEW site, head office will stop being the production site.

    If reverse protection is used, the Head office will become the new DR site, and the replication will switch sides.

    For a One-to-many scenario, please refer to page 11 in the documentation:


    If a One-to-many license has not been issued for your account kindly contact your Account Manager.

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