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question for Zerto Upgrade

  • 1) Do we need to pause the replication while upgrading ZVM ? As per guide there should ne no replication or sync while upgrading Zerto Virtual Manager

    2) Do we need to upgrade OS version or SQL version on ZVM ?

    3) Couldn’t find the Package for 7.0

    4) We are currently on 6.5 U3. Can we install 7.0UX (Latest one) or only 7.0 ?

    Hi Amir,

    Viola from Zerto here. To answer your questions:
    1) You don’t need to pause the VPGs for upgrading ZVM. The upgrade is performed without disrupting the protection, but no new checkpoints are written to the
    journal during the actual upgrade.
    2) No, there is no need to upgrade OS version or SQL version on ZVM.
    3) You can have the latest updates for 7.0 to download.
    4) Yes, you can install any 7.0Ux. You can upgrade your ZVM from one version to N+1, this includes all its updates and patches.
    Best Regards
    Zerto Support
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