Query Regarding FreeBSD 8.4-NETSCALER-12.1 amd64 O

  • Hello Team,

    This is Regarding FreeBSD 8.4-NETSCALER-12.1 amd64 OS Migration using Zerto.

    As we are going to have a migration on 14-Sep-2019 using Zerto. We have the VM with Operating System “FreeBSD 8.4-NETSCALER-12.1 amd64” on the Source VCenter. As we could not find this OS in Zerto Virtual Replication Operability Matrix. Could you please check and confirm us whether we can migrate this VM using Zerto. If not, please let us know the technical reason for not able to migrate.
    Kindly find the Source and Target VCenter version details as follows.

    Source VCenter Version:

    1. (VCenter5.0)

    2. (VCenter5.1)

    3. (VCenter 5.5)

    4. (VCenter 6.0)

    Target VCenter Version:

    1. (VCenter 6.5)

    Thank you.

    Veeramani M

    Unfortunately, “FreeBSD” VMs were not formally tested by our DEV team.

    Replication/Migration may still work but Re-IP will probably not work for the unsupported OS. I would recommend you to test this before your live migration on September 14th.


    The link below has the matrix that lists the supported OS and Re-IP based those OS. The “FreeBSD” is not included.



    Thank you for your response and we hope that the Re-IP i.e, Source IP can be updated manually in Target location after Failover.
    Please confirm the same.


    Hello Veeramani,

    When you manually change the IP, I assume you mean by changing through the OS right? If so, this can be done after the replication is done.

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