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Preseed Volume from recovery site to Protedted sit

  • Hi Zerto,

    Kindly need your information.
    In case we have been finished Offsite Clone VPG (1 Virtual Machine) from protected site to recovery site, after that we register and powered up on vCD, and power off VM on the protected site.
    Is it posible to create VPG with preseed volume from recovery site to protected site.? preseed is using the VMDK file of powered off VM on protected site.

    Thank you



    Iris from Zerto Support here.

    Yes it is possible to create VPG with preseed volume from recovery site to protected site.

    Please refer to the steps below.
    – For a previously configured VPG, click the pencil icon in the “VPG Name” column. For a new VPG, follow the next steps after adding VMs
    – Click on the “Storage” tab. Check the VM you wish to preseed, and click “Edit Selected”
    – For Volume Source, set the drop-down to “Preseeded volume”
    – Select the datastore where the volume is located at the recovery (target) site
    – Click on the ellipsis (…) in the “Path” field to browse for the volume you wish to preseed. Select the volume
    – Click OK on the “Edit Volumes” window
    – Click “Next” to continue configuring the VPG or “Done” if complete with configuration
    – The preseeded volume will now enter delta sync as it is compared with the production volume

    For more information regarding preseeding VMDKs, please view our KB article:

    Preseeding volumes

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