One to many keep other vpg

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    When we have one to many VPG, when we FOL to one site then the vm on other site us being deleted once the FOL is being commited.

    Is there an option to keep it anyway?


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    When starting a failover live (FOL), you can check the option of reverse protection and make sure it’s not enabled. Then, the source VM can be kept on the source site.

    If you want the failed-over VM to be protected, you can create a new VPG for it and replicate it to a site which might be suitable in the scenario.

    In a one-to-many scenario, if you want to keep other VPGs, related to the source VM, still running, the failover has to be run without reverse protection.

    About reverse protection in one-to-many scenarios, please kindly refer to Page 302 and 303 of the following ZVM admin guide:

    Thank you.

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