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Move external ZVM Database to another SQL Server

  • What is the process for migrating an existing external ZVM Database from one SQL Server to another?

    Hi Tony,

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    You can migrate data between any supported Microsoft SQL Server given their respective product limitations. I believe the following KB can fully answer your question regarding migrating an external ZVM DB to another SQL server:



    Zerto Support

    Thanks,  can the same procedure be used to migrate the Database back to embedded version on ZRM?  (If assuming I install SQL Express prior)  External DB has been configured on a couple of sites and is unnecessary in our environment and I find upgrades much smoother when only dealing with ZRMs with embedded DB.

    Hello Tony,

    Elad from Zerto here.

    I’m not sure what is the ZRM component you referred to. Can you elaborate?

    Zerto has components like ZVM, VRA, ZCM etc.


    Sorry that was a typo.  I meant ZVM embedded database

    So can the procedure be used to move from External DB back to Internal?


    This is AJ from support. Going from an External DB back to internal is not supported.

    If you would like to see this feature added to the product. Please open a feature request via MyZerto (login to myZerto –> go to ‘support & downloads’ –> press on ‘Feature request’). Our feature request portal will allow you to view existing feature requests as well as voting or commenting on it.

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