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migrate Zerto between VMware hosts in cluster

  • Hello, I am trying to upgrade a VMware host in the cluster and need to migrate the Zerto appliance to another host.  It prompts “Solution Zerto Replication Plugin manages the selected virtual machine. You should not modify the virtual machine directly. Use the management console of the solution to make changes. Proceed with the operation?” My question is… Can I migrate the Zerto appliance to another host in the same cluster? Will migrating cause problems? I will/can migrate it back when upgrading the host is completed. -Thanks

    Hi Vu,

    Chris here from Zerto Support.

    You cannot migrate a VRA even to another host in the same cluster (such as with vMotion) without causing breakage with Zerto. When a host is put into maintenance mode (such as in a host upgrade scenario as you described), the VRA will power off for the time it is in maintenance mode.

    There is an available operation to change the recovery VRA but that will only move the VRA disks to another host, not the VRA itself.

    Please let me know if this answers your question.



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