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Managing Retention Sets

  • I’m using the Manage Retention Sets option to remove older retention sets in version 8.5.   I’m utilizing an Exagrid NFS share for the retention sets.   My Exagrid retention zone was 100 percent full and the landing zone was about 11 percent occupied, hence the need to reduce the number of retention sets.  I deleted 36 retention sets, and 5 days later, the Exagrid has shown no change in the free space at all.    Any idea how to actually clear up the space on the Exagrid LTR ?

    Hello Charles,

    Contara from Zerto Support.

    Please open a support ticket and lets Zerto Support investigate this issue.

    Thank you.

    It looks like I figured out the problem.  The ACL (permissions) listing was missing one of the Zerto hosts (at the remote site).  After adding the missing host to the permissions on the NFS share, I saw the space free up the next day on the Exagrid Manager.

    Thanks Charles for the update!

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