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Is there a way to catch or find storage latency?

  • I’m toying around with monitoring Zerto with Powershell using the Zerto API.   We recently had a storage controller have caching issues in our recovery site which caused our VPGs to go in and out of RPO.  Is there a way to find something in Zerto that would be able to show we have storage issues?  The API and WebUI don’t have anything except VPG out of RPO.  I’m looking through the logs on the recovery site under the default C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\logs directory and don’t see anything that stands out yet.  I’m easily able to catch broken VRAs/ESX and Site Disconnects, but storage is throwing me for a loop.  I’m kind of curious if it’s only logged on the VRAs themselves.

    Hello Jason,

    Kobi from Zerto here.

    To review the storage latency in the vCenter environment please follow the following steps:

    1. Login to vCenter
    2. Go to the VRA VM.
    3. Select the Monitor tab
    4. Select the Performance sub-tab.
    5. On the view dropdown list, select datastore.

    Do note that if you are seeing values above 40ms frequently, then the storage is causing bottlenecks.

    Best regards,


    Thank you!  That pointed me in the right direction.  I’ll have to work that into my script.  I pulled this off with PowerCLI.

    Get-Stat -Entity (Get-VM <VRANAMEHERE>) -Realtime -Stat datastore.totalWriteLatency.average | sort Value -Descending

    It returns the values, timestamps, as well as the DatastoreID.



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